Best Telemarketing Methods For 2017

Telemarketing in 2017

Telemarketing is something that is still one of the most effective means of getting your product or your promotion out to interested parties. But the scope of what works is being modified all the time. With this in mind, you need to inform yourself about which methods are going to be the most effective for your service and what best suits the size and marketing funds that you have available.

First you need to think of telemarketing like a car. Some people only need a two-seated vehicle but that’s not always what they end up investing in (telemarketing wise). You should remember that just because something seems modest or on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of features and functions, it doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t an ideal fit for your current needs. So the question becomes: what do you need in your telemarketing campaigns?
Telemarketing toolsSome companies are just starting to walk into the world of telephone sales and information. Others wonder if telemarketing is still working. This does not necessarily mean that they are going to require the smallest software package out there. Primarily, you need to consider the software that exists and review it side by side to compare it to your marketing needs. Generally a starting package with consist of autodialers, general telemarketing software, and telemarketing equipment.
While the bulk of these services are premium subscriptions, you should also be aware of the free telemarketing software that exists. These are usually pieced together by 3-5 different applications that do specific campaign tasks exclusively. This can be tedious to keep up with, especially when you have to keep moving back and forth between all the open applications to keep track of current information as it is coming in.
It is because of this that it is generally recommended to seek out one of the reputable premium services that exist. These are ‘one stop shops’ in terms of offering all of the aforementioned applications in one convenient program. These premium services are usually cloud based, which can give all networked computers access to the same database of information and up to the minute statistics.


Additionally, premium services are often the ‘telemarketing for dummies’. They come with a wealth of information about how to operate the software itself as well as instant access to credible customer service to walk you through how to make the most out of the software itself and run it optimally. Using some of the newest software is not always self-explanatory, even when you have used numerous similar applications in the past.


There are many advantages to telemarketing in general, and even more so when you are using the very best software for high sales campaigns. Some of the better high end services out there offering these ‘one stop shop’ solutions to your telemarketing needs are Five9 Virtual Call Center, Salesforce Desk by and inContact Call Center software. These are just a few of dozens of reputable applications out there to choose from, but this should set the bar from what you should expect with a premium subscription to a telemarketing software outfit.

What You Should Never Do With Telemarketing

What To Do With Telemarketing

There is a serious push lately for telemarketing and real time statistical analysis of virtual calling centers. In many cases, campaigns being launched are wildly successful. Companies are generating unique traffic to their websites, getting more people in the doors of their store, and selling more products directly from calling people. The other side of this equation is the staggering amount of failures that result from companies using old techniques or just the wrong methods entirely for their marketing campaigns. So what works and what doesn’t?


Prepare for the future

What To Do With Telemarketing

While it would stand to reason that most of the current methods of telemarketing are effective, it is the execution and the delivery of these methods that tends to throw people off from success. For example, one of the biggest pushes right now in terms of cutting costs and trying to generate profit is by going through a completely or nearly completely automated calling service. Statistically speaking, more people are likely to hang up on a computer generated voice or a recording than they are to hang up on an actual person on the other end of the phone. Another issue comes with outsourcing to foreign countries. People won't like it when they clearly hear someone is from India for example


This isn’t without its incurred costs, however. There is no denying that automated systems only typically require a handful of people to operate and modify them. In addition, there is a low cost (compared to the hourly rate of hired call center employees) for the software and service in general. Complete automation takes the humanity out of the business though, and it will almost certainly lead to hang ups and a do not call register.

More issues with Telemarketing

AutodialAnother way to keep your company from the dreaded failing side of the aforementioned equation is to take a literal hand in the script that the human telemarketers in call centers are reading from. You need to do your best to think of a natural sounding piece that offers a bit of actual conversation into the business you intend to get to. There is a saying that suggests that ‘people buy from people they know’ or sometimes shortened to ‘people buy from people’. With this in mind, if the call center folks are just forcing your agenda right off of a “Hello”, then you are losing credibility with potential and current customers.


While autodialers are a great resource to have when you are starting marketing campaigns, you need to be mindful of the contact information you have in your database. Taking time to review statistics, bad numbers, hang ups and the like can aid you in figuring out what works and what does not. There are plenty of companies that are seemingly ignoring the telemarketing do not call list, but that typically only applies to companies and services that are cold calling. The register becomes a bit of a grey area if people have requested more information or agreed to take calls or communications about upcoming promotions.

Telemarketing Fraud

Telemarketing fraud also sits high on the reasons campaigns fail. This isn’t always as nefarious as it sounds. Fraud can be something as simple as a telemarketer at a call center pretending to be someone that they aren’t to be more relatable to a person they are calling. For example, calling union members for union specific promotions or services and pretending to belong to a building trade union. While it might generate a few sales for those that don’t wish to investigate further, someone finding out about the ruse could really put out a lot of bad press about the company and any future communications you attempt.


These are a few of the big mistakes that people will make when it comes to telemarketing methods. While there are many others, these are usually the culprits when it comes to failing at a campaign. Get involved with your campaigns at even their lowest level to see how your company is being represented, who is responding well to certain scripts, and learn where you can tweak things to generate an even bigger margin of sale.


How To Outsource Your Telemarketing

outsourcing telemarketing

Outsourcing call centers has become a very popular thing to do. If you are a representative of a company that has started telemarketing recently, or has been doing it for years now, there has never been a better time to ship that work across the ocean. Perhaps it might be best to look at this option from both sides of the fence though.

Outsource telemarketing is growing rapidly in popularity because it can vastly reduce the overhead expenses for an established company. With the amount of money spent every month just in marketing and trying to generate new customers, keeping this cost as low as possible means less time spent juggling funds to stay in the black.

outsourcing telemarketing

Commission Only

Outsourced telemarketing commission only companies also exist. This means that you aren’t even paying a set hourly rate for their services in cases, or a very small one. Then their profit is made exclusively through selling your service or product to people you have put onto the call list. That not only keeps your costs down, but it greatly lowers your risk of failure. No more cold calling for yourself.

On the other side of the coin though, many people are not happy to hear someone who is clearly not from the country answering their questions about your services. More to the point, it seems like a number of potential customers are lost by the fact that they simply cannot understand what the “company representative” is telling them through a thick accent. Bear in mind that this is one of the primary drawbacks to outsourcing.

Pro’s And Cons

You can weigh the pros and cons, and even delve into the various means of payment (commission only, outsource per lead, straight hourly rates, ect.) and base your decision on what’s best for the company and its current needs. When you are ready to outsource your work, there are hundreds of reputable tele calling services for you to choose from. You can begin by using your browser to find listings of these companies, read reviews from former and current clients and see which fits your needs the best.

How To Find Telemarketing Jobs

Work from home

More and more people are looking for the means to make a little extra money apart from their regular day job. This supplemental income can present itself in a number of ways, but more frequently, it is found on the internet. The trouble is, this can kind of be a virtual mine field when it comes to which jobs are legitimate means of making supplemental income (completely sustainable income in some cases), and which places online are short changing you. With a little bit of dedicated searching in the right places, with the right terms, you should be able to get a decent paying online gig that can have you finally getting ahead. But where do you look? Which jobs are offering up the best pay at an entry level position?


Telemarketing can be done from your home

Work from home

Telemarketing is one of the fastest growing “work from home” professions there is. While there is a certain stigma about a job like this, namely how everyone feels when they are on the receiving end of telemarketers calling, there is a decent paycheck if you can get over it. Online telemarketing jobs work from home require little to no experience in order to get as well. Often times, an employer is only really looking for the fact that you are proficient enough navigating your own computer that you can handle the often fast paced work environment that telemarketing jobs typically embody.

So what would you be doing if you were to get a job like this? While the basics tend to remain the same, the types of calls and the people you will be calling vary from employer to employer. Sometimes you are asked to make cold calls, which is a quick way of saying that the number you have dialed is not expecting a call from you. In other cases, an employer might have already opened the door for you to call a person, you just have to be able to keep it open long enough to get them to hear what you’re saying. Cold calls, and even marketing calls in general, are not for everyone though. If you are not someone who can talk with strangers easily you might not excel in this field.


Telemarketing is not for everyone

That is not to suggest that everyone could not do this type of job. More often than not a telemarketing firm has a set script for you to follow that walks you through a sale step by step. More detailed scripts offer rebuttals and counter points to the most common responses you will get on a call, which can help you to have a higher success rate. So now you are curious about trying to get one of these work from home gigs all for yourself, so where do you start looking?  Check this video for some great tips for calling. You can also read our “dont’s” on telemarketing.

Well, a reputable search engine such as Google or Bing can often yield a lot of great results from a simple query like “online telemarketing jobs home based”. Start reading through the results that you get, and see what appeals to you the most. In a field like this, there are a lot less openings for scams than you might find in other work from home opportunities. A good base note, you should avoid sites that say things like “unlimited earning potential” or ‘make (some ridiculous amount of money) a week!’ Legitimate businesses want you to make money working for them, but no telemarketer is pulling in rock star money from it. Career sites such as Indeed have a lot of jobs listed as well.


Call local call centers

Find your local call centers

Another thing that you can do is to call local call centers in your area. Once you have someone in charge on the line, ask them about telecommuting opportunities if that is something that they offer. Generally they are looking for people that can be available whenever their call center is not. They might also be overstaffed at the call center itself and need people willing to do the same job from their houses. You just have to be diligent and call around. It might not be something every local place offers, but it is likely offered by one or two of them with big client bases.

While many firms have gone the way of outsourced telesales services, there are still many companies that keep their call centers and telemarketers local to the region (or at the very least country) where the company is from. Since these companies providing you with employment represent another business or client and their wishes, it falls to the discretion of the client as to whether or not local people will be used to fill vacancies at the virtual call center. Many people are much more prone to listen and to be sold products from someone they can easily understand and someone who sounds like they do. This is why opportunities exist in this country to get a stable telecommuting call center job. So what do you need to make this opportunity happen for you as early as this week?


Telemarketing done from home

Telemarkeketing at homeFirst and foremost you need reliable internet. There are all kinds of quality internet service providers across the entire country, and you need to choose the best one in your area. Voice calls over the internet require a good deal of bandwidth to be clear, and your internet needs to be able to keep up with your multi-tasking as well. Assess your current internet situation and look into who is offering the most bang for your buck in your area. ISPs like Charter and Xfinity/Comcast are often offering some of the fastest cable internet speeds available in the country, and between their collective coverage maps, most of the United States has access to their services. Comcast email can be used to receive all work related emails.

If you have ever worked in a physical call center, you know how hectic it can be from the start to the end of your shift. In a telecommuting sense, you have a little less of the stress related but all of the same call center responsibilities. For example, you will still be required to keep a certain set of hours focused on work and nothing else, much like you left home to go to your regular job. Given the round the clock nature of most calling centers, they are usually quite accommodating to the schedule that you need to best suit the obstacles you encounter time wise.

Working from home should be as simple as it is profitable for you. If you have a real need for legitimate opportunities to make sustainable income or to supplement and save some extra cash, telemarketing jobs are on the rise. Now that you have a description of what the job is, what is expected of you, and the responsibilities of this job, all that’s left is for you to go and get yourself hired.

Best Telemarketing Software

Great telemarketing

There is a definite unknown potential of telemarketing in this day and age. People are misguided by the idea that the trend is dying off. In all actuality, more and more companies are looking for this direct and trusted line of communication with their current and hopefully new customer base. So how do you get started if you don’t quite have the means to contract out your work to an actual call center?


Find Equipment On The Internet

Telemarketing toolsThe internet is loaded up with new software and telemarketing tools each and every day. People are taking what works and improving on it all the time. With this in mind, the current telemarketing software that exists is some of the best that has ever been made. Real time stats, automation, autodialers, cloud software and more are waiting just a few mouse clicks from here. On Quora you can find a list of great tools and software.

What you need to do is assess what you need the most. Outbound telemarketing calls require different software most times than an automated or actual human being fielding inbound calls to find out about your products and services. While there are lower quality free options available for your current needs, you might be better off paying a little out of pocket for a premium service with more diversity, options and a dedicated customer service line to help out in cases of confusion.


Pay Attention

Pay attention to the features of telemarketing software you are comparing. Essentially, don’t pay more for what you don’t need. Keep it as focused on what your vision is as you can without all the extras. Make sure your software can keep track of successes, failures, bad numbers, hang ups and more.

But if you are at a loss as to where to begin, you might want to start with services like Vicidial and VanillaSoft. These are two highly rated, internationally recognized providers with a strong software offering and competitive for the best software.

Is Telemarketing Still Working?

Telemarketing Equipment

The effectiveness of telemarketing has recently been called into question. With all of the newer methods of promotion, social media marketing being arguably the most diverse and easy to get started with, telemarketing has kind of taken a back seat. While there is still quite a lot of it happening, it only remains effective when the appropriate telemarketing tools and techniques are implemented to ensure some levels of success.


First and foremost, cold calls are not nearly as effective as they used to be for several reasons. Among the top of these reasons is that people simply are reaching a point where they don’t answer numbers that they don’t recognize or are not local to them. Another strong reason is that people are much more visually stimulated than they were even 10 years ago. More effective and lasting sales come from more visual campaigns focused on giving direct information and a call to action. But has this marked the end for telemarketing?


The short answer is no. Telemarketers will always have a place to go to work because the need for both incoming call representatives and outgoing marketers will always exist. It is the strategy behind them that needs to be modified with the passing of time.


One of the big problems that can cause a failure for a telemarketing campaign is too much reliance on automation. While this has its place in the order of things, most people are going to hang up on a computer voice or a recording. By social etiquette, that isn’t considered rude. Less people will be inclined to directly hang up on another human being without at the very least hearing what they are calling about. While the window isn’t always a large one, it might be just big enough to get your potentially profitable foot in the door.


Telemarketing tools and software are being developed and honed all the time. This can generate leads on your behalf and help your company to achieve a higher selling rate through telephone marketing. Up to the minute statistics, a virtual library of new numbers to call based on general interests and specific requests, and even autodialing to a network of computers are just a few of the features waiting for you with the top rated applications out this year.


But perhaps undertaking this task of telephone sales can be a bit overwhelming. To relieve this burden and also cut back on the overhead costs of constantly running marketing campaigns, more and more companies are sending these tasks across the ocean to experienced and reliable outfits that specialize in this niche of marketing. Telemarketing outsourcing opportunities come in a variety of packages, but the bulk of these are based on commissions from sales. This can further limit your costs, until you are seeing a decent turnover profit from the calls themselves.


The dreaded “do not call list” is perhaps one of the biggest hurdles that telemarketing outfits have to overcome. What many people do not realize is that there are loopholes all throughout this policy. You need to spend a little bit of time combing through promising leads, even if they are on the national registry. If they have purchased something from the company in the past 18 months, or if they have requested information in any form at all, you are within your rights to call that number until the period of 18 months have been reached. Typically these are hard nos to turn over, but an experienced telemarketer that can control the flow of conversation might still be able to turn one of these difficult calls into a conversion.


Now there are all kinds of myths and statutes coming out all the time to try and keep a person’s phone from ringing off the hook at all hours of the day. This doesn’t mean that telemarketing as a whole is on the decline. What it does mean, is that companies are going to have to get organized and adapt strategies to overcome obstacles to turn their profits from a telephone.

How To Make The Best Telemarketing Call

Cold Calling Tips

I don’t need to tell you that cold calls can be a pain in the ass. I’ve already wrote a post on the effectiveness of cold calls in which you could read that colds calls are still effective. The question is: how to do these calls? To get you started I’ve searched for a YouTube video dedicated to cold calling. It’s created by Zone Marketing Global and explains how to prepare for these calls. Enjoy! Let me know what you think of it.


Unknown Potential Of Telemarketing

Telemarketing Still Working

Understanding the benefits to telemarketing can unlock a serious earning potential for your business. No matter the size of your current company, reaching people where they are can be invaluable. A lot of people are under the impression that telemarketing is a dying thing or ask is telemarketing even still effective? The answer is a resounding yes.


With the free telemarketing software systems that exist, getting your company involved with a venture like this is a low cost/ low risk option to really get buzz going. You don’t even have to cold call people (unless of course you want to), just use the contact information that people are leaving on your website or through promotional material in your storefront. You would be surprised how many people will willingly give out their contact information for later use if you package it up in a pretty promotion.


Coupled with a cheap auto-dialer and an entry level (albeit computer savvy) employee, and you have a micro call center anywhere you want to set it up. Auto dialers are nice because they can keep the calls happening rapid pace and they can store a nearly infinite amount of information that can be modified all the time.


Telemarketing cloud software is also becoming a powerful tool that companies are using. This allows for all the contact information and statistics to be stored on a premium space online. This means that the computer used for running the program isn’t bogged down by the steady flow of information and the excessive amount of saved files often resulting from the typical telemarketing call campaign.


Depending on the nature of your company or service, you might want to have a script in place for your employee to follow so that each call can go basically the same way. Maybe you want to get the word out about an upcoming sale or limited time promotion, just have something simple and to the point for someone to follow along to and no wires get crossed.

Are Cold Calls Still Effective

Cold calls still effecitve

Cold calling is the art of calling potential customers without their approval and attempting to sell them your product or service. Cold calling involves not only the phone process which makes it a source of telemarketing but also a door to door sales.

With today advancement in technology, marketing has evolved replacing this form of marketing. The internet has revolutionized the way marketing is approached by businesses. With modern methods of reaching potential customers being available such as PPC, email marketing, SEO, Social Media, Newsletters and money other more, traditional forms of marketing such as such as cold calling are becoming outdated day by day. Modern technology offers more benefits in terms outreach to customers and sales conversions than cold calling.

However, cold calling irrespective of being an outdated marketing method when done correctly it can proof to be the best marketing method with great customer feedback and on time marketing measurable results. Here are some reasons why cold calling would still be in the list of your marketing methods.


Lead Generation

Telemarketing when properly utilised  with the perfect equipment can be a great tool for marketing and lead generation. Setting a skilled team purely focused on conducting cold calling would be a wise strategy to steer your marketing efforts. A business, in this case, should outsource telemarketing companies’ services due to their professionalism that accompanies their service. Professional telemarketers will convert leads into sales, filter prospects and conquer the barriers to conversions. Dependence on inbound calls only may be a hindrance to growth. Hubspot listed some great tips on lead generation.


Clear Market survey

Cold calling gives you a clear insight of the actual situation in the marketplace. It’s a means of evaluation of the product or service being offered. Cold calling answers three following questions

  1. Why the customers love the product or the service?
  2. How do they feel about the good or the service?
  3. What can be done to improve the quality of the service or the good?

Cold calling is a means of converting leads into sales but also a way to get a view of the market trends and address customers concerns. Cold calling can obtain relevant information which can only be found through this method such as emotional feelings about a product or a service. Outsourcing telemarketing company’s services will put your company in a great advantage since they are well conversant with conducting market surveys. There’s a lot of software that can be used to do this market survey.


Increased Business Visibility

Cold calling is one way of increasing the visibility of your business. When telemarketer’s professionals are outsourced, they will spread your business name into unfamiliar ears and within a short period, you’re in the public domain due to the extensive awareness campaign. Putting your business in the limelight will give you an edge over your competitors.


Professional Staff

Professionalism in any scenario brings about quality and know how of the subject matter. In this case, outsourcing telemarketing company’s services to conduct your marketing campaign will bring new leads and the approach taken will yield positive outcome to the business. Cold calling is a technique that requires special skills and its best to leave the task in the hands of a telemarketer.



Successful cold calling uniquely opens up new opportunities for businesses when proper techniques are applied. Using this method as one of the marketing strategies should not be written off as there is some evidence of success in the recent times. Remember the choice of techniques applied and the skills of your cold calling team heavily impact on your business failure or success.